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CP2 Approval on Hold.


Biden Administration Directs DOE to Suspend Approval, Pausing Development of the $10 Billion LNG Terminal.

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Pressure from Activists Prompts Policy Change.

CP2 approval on hold. In a significant development potentially with far-reaching consequences for the economy and the energy market. President Joe Biden has temporarily suspended approvals for new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export projects. This questionable move, designed to undergo a comprehensive review by the Department of Energy (DOE), specifically assesses the impact to climate related aspects of projects seeking approval to export LNG to robust markets in Europe and Asia.

The temporary pause, extending until after the Nov. 5 election, prompts a closer examination of the economic and market implications for investors and industry stakeholders. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, in a recent teleconference, outlined the review’s primary focus is on analyzing the impacts to the environment.

Venture Global’s Long Term Development Plans

Venture Global’s CP2 “would be” its second LNG export project in Cameron Parish, following the Calcasieu Pass Project. These projects collectively signify an investment of over $10 billion USD in the Parish. The CP2 LNG and CP Express Project, part of the company’s commitment to the long-term development of clean and reliable North American energy supplies, will create additional markets for U.S. natural gas producers.

The natural gas liquefaction export terminal, will have a nameplate export capacity of 20 million metric tonnes per annum (MTPA) of LNG, peaking at approximately 24 MTPA. The facility, equipped with 18 LNG blocks, will liquefy domestically sourced natural gas from the new CP Express pipeline. Four full containment LNG storage tanks will store and facilitate timely delivery to LNG carriers for export. Two marine loading docks and on-site power generation will be incorporated.

The CP Express pipeline project includes approximately 85.1 miles of new 48-inch-diameter natural gas pipeline and about 5.9 miles of new 24-inch-diameter lateral pipeline, connecting the CP2 LNG terminal to the existing natural gas pipeline grid in east Texas and southwest Louisiana. A new compressor station is proposed east of Vinton, Louisiana, enhancing system efficiency.

US Allies Left with Uncertainty.

While authorities have assured that the pause, will not have a negative impact on national security and key allies. Investors are closely monitoring how this decision may influence the LNG sector. This scrutiny is especially relevant against the backdrop of Europe’s concerns about gas supply stability and Asia’s interest in alternative energy sources.

The surge in LNG export capacity, tripling since the last review in 2018, has positioned the U.S. as the world’s leading LNG exporter. Forecasts indicate continued growth by 2030, making the economic implications of this temporary pause paramount for investors. Despite opposition from environmentalists citing pollution and emissions concerns, economic considerations, and energy shortfalls in Europe are taking center stage.

Investor Impact.

While clarifying that FERC approval is the prerequisite, the administration ensured that CP2 won’t face immediate consequences. The subsequent involvement of the DOE introduces a layer of complexity. The administration’s scrutiny of projects like CP2 raises essential questions for investors.

Furthermore, as the decision experiences a delay, industry leaders may become wary of the potential negative impact this policy change could bring. Additional concerns may emerge if the policy is expanded in a second Biden term. Industry participants should remain vigilant regarding developments, market shifts, and potential economic opportunities as the DOE review progresses. Making well-informed decisions in this dynamic environment will be crucial for investors navigating the evolving landscape of the LNG sector.

The risk of loss in trading futures and/or options is substantial and each investor and/or trader must consider whether this is a suitable investment. Past performance, whether actual or indicated by simulated historical tests of strategies, is not indicative of future results.

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