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Jamie Gieseke

Jamie Gieseke is a Series 3, Series 30 licensed broker. He feels it’s important to understand market factors, including fundamental and technical analysis of commodity markets. 

Jamie enjoys working with producers and end users who are looking to maintain solid sales and purchases to lock in profit and let the plan they implement go to work. He also enjoys working with accounts that are more inclined to be more active and are open to trading possible opportunities in the marketplace. 

As all speculators know, not every trade idea is correct. Jamie is able to aid in the decision-making process and talk through the risks involved, offering his ideas on how to limit risks through the use of other market tools.

Kent Beadle

Kent Beadle is a Series 3 licensed commodities broker who has worked in the grain industry for nearly 38 years.

Kent began his career on the floor at the Minneapolis grain exchange in January of 1985 working in the cash grain markets. He moved to the options pit as a market observer and eventually moved to a full-time position in the MGE clearing house. 

In November of 1986, he took a position at Harvest States Cooperatives, the predecessor to CHS, Inc. In 1989, Kent joined CHS Hedging, the brokerage subsidiary of CHS, where he helped several different segments of the agricultural industry manage risk for the next 33 years. 

He currently focuses on risk management for farmers and ranchers across the US.

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