$61.00  0.29%  
$14.35  2.45%  
$54.00  1.22%  
$36.29  1.65%  
$94.04  0.94%  
$61.16  2.50%  
$5.45  1.27%  
$69.24  1.28%  
$66.06  0.99%  
$122.11  0.80%  
$72.46  0.60%  
$100.36  0.07%  
$102.34  0.71%  
$63.21  0.94%  
$29.20  0.31%  
$22.04  0.41%  
$27.98  0.96%  
$5.76  0.17%  
$19.56  1.24%  
$192.01  1.73%  


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📺🎥 Commodity Wide Technical Selling Has Most Markets Lower.

Export Inspections Fade Compared to Previous Week. Commodity wide technical selling has most markets in the red.  Corn and wheat are making new lows as


USDA’s Crop Production Report: Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat Outlook Grain Market & Commodity Futures News – Paradigm Futures Corn: Soybeans: In the latest report from

USDA Grain Export Inspections Report – Soybeans, Corn, and Wheat

Soybean Inspections see increase after USDA “Data Glitch” Grain Market & Commodity Futures News – Paradigm Futures In the latest weekly report on agricultural export

Market Movers, Big Day of Economic Reports Ahead

Full Slate of Impactful Economic Reports Set to Be Released.   US Economy Personal Income .6% expected .9% Consumer Sentiment 67 expected 66.4 Consumer Spending Up 1.8% expected 1.3% January PCE Up 4.7% New Home Sales 670,000 Beating Expected 620,000 Commodities USDA Export Sales Click for report Cold Storage 2:00

Morning Market Update

John Caruso Senior Market Strategist       Morning Market Update Market Insight   *US announces sale of another 26M bbl of Crude Oil from the SPR: Crude -1.50% on the news *Poll: US Fed Funds rate to peak at 5.00-5.25% in May (January poll was for 4.75-5.00%) *Poll: US Fed will not cut rates […]

Certainty, Uncertain… Traders, Producers and the World Brace for the Future as Oil Fluctuates.

EIA Energy StocksCrude Inventories Up ⬆️10.2M  bblDomestic prod: 13.2MMbpd Gasoline Down ⬇️1.3M bblImpld demand: 8.58MbpdDistillates Down⬇️1.8M bblSPR 🚫 No ChangeRefiner utilization: 85.7% Energy Market, Prices, & Industry News Today – Paradigm Futures Crude Inventories See Substantial Increase. In a market that is ever-sensitive to inventory fluctuations and global events, the Energy

CPI 📈On the Rise

Consumer Price Index climbs again ahead of pivotal FED meeting. August CPI – MoM CPI: +.6% – YoY CPI: +3.7% – MoM Core CPI: +.3% – YoY Core CPI: +4.3% – CPI Energy Prices +5.6% – Food Prices +0.2% Core and Headline Inflation In August 2023,

EIA: Crude Inventories see large draw, modest decline for gasoline.

⛽EIA Energy Stocks🛢️ In early trading Crude oil prices experienced a slight decrease following the Energy Information Administration’s report of a 6 million barrel inventory decline for the week ending on August 11. Energy Market, Prices, & Industry News Today – Paradigm Futures This shift contrasts with the prior week’s

January WASDE Sends Bulls Charging. Corn, Soybeans Hit 2-week High.

USDA Thursday tightened its estimates for U.S. wheat, corn and soybean stocks. The forecast was higher than expected by analysts, helping to boost futures prices. January WASDE- Grain Futures saw a solid Thursday following the release of USDA’s latest World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report. Corn prices saw a modest improvement after the agency […]

Lean Hog Price Surges 5%

Lean Hog Price Surges 5% Lean Hog price surged 5% on Friday after hitting oversold levels on the Relative Strength Index. If you can spot the relation between the price chart and the RSI chart at the bottom of the chart you will notice a bullish divergence. As the price came down and made a […]

WASDE report showed little change

The December WASDE report showed little change for the Corn balance sheet. Coming into the report most traders and analysts expected a reduction in corn exports based on the weekly reports and the amount needed per week to reach the USDA number from November of 2.150 billion bushels. So the reduction of 75 million bushels […]

US Dollar Falls, While Gold, Japanese Yen, and China’s CPI Surge.

USD Falls, While Gold, Chinese CPI, Japanese Yen Surge Thursday trading saw the Dollar tumble to a nearly nine-month low against the Euro. The move comes on the after the BLS report showed US inflation was easing. Leading to speculation that the Federal Reserve will be less aggressive with rate hikes going forward. The decline […]

Gold Price Chart Update 12.7.22

Monday’s trade had a clear bounce off the 200-day moving average and ended the day lower after making a new high. So far we have held Monday’s lows but I would not want to be caught naked if Monday’s lows are violated. Also, note the RSI peaked on the first run higher, and as the […]

Gold Breaks Through the 200 Day

Gold Breaks Through the 200 Day Gold breaks through the 200-day moving average for the second time this month. The February contract shows the trading day with good volume. As we have been mentioning in our updates the past few weeks this is likely a very risky place to be getting into a fresh new […]

Cotton Futures for Beginners

Trading Cotton Futures for Beginners Are you interested in trading or hedging Cotton futures? Cotton futures trade for over 16 hours per day starting Sunday evenings at 8:00 pm CST and closing at 1:20 CST daily. This gives participants from around the globe ample opportunity to place trades. Trading Cotton on the Intercontinental exchange (ICE) […]

USDA’s Honduras Annual Report Pushes Coffee Prices to New Weekly Lows

For the second time this month, coffee prices have had bearish reports printed from the USDA Foreign Ag Service. Yesterday the FAS reported that Honduras’ coffee production is expected to grow to 7.2 million 60-kg bags in the 22/23 marketing year. Earlier this month USDA FAS posted their annual Brazil Coffee update that projected that […]

Top 7 Reasons to Trade Coffee Futures

Diversification, Leverage, Price, & More: Top Reasons to Trade Coffee Futures Trading coffee futures can provide several benefits for market participants. Here are our top reasons to trade coffee futures: 1. Speculation Many traders participate in coffee futures to speculate on price movements and potentially make a profit. They analyze market trends, supply and demand […]