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Cotton futures move around production reports from the USDA. Cotton is also closely linked to the global economy. Since cotton is used primarily in clothing, its price correlates to the health of global economies.

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Trading Cotton Futures

Cotton Supply

The total global production of cotton is estimated at 25,789 thousand MT. The largest producers of cotton, based on estimated production amounts, are:

  • China at 6,096 thousand MT
  • India at 5,987 thousand MT
  • the U.S. at 3,007 thousand MT
  • Brazil at 2,830 thousand MT

Cotton Demand

Total global consumption for cotton is estimated at 25,169 thousand MT. China is the world’s largest consumer of cotton with an estimated usage of 7,947 thousand MT. 

The next largest consumers are:

  • India at 5,225 thousand MT
  • Pakistan at 2,177 thousand MT
  • Bangladesh at 1,851 thousand MT
  • Turkey at 1,807 thousand MT

Cotton Ending Stocks

Total global cotton stocks are estimated at 19,131 thousand MT. The largest ending stocks of cotton are in China, with an estimated amount of 8,157 thousand MT. The next highest ending stocks are Brazil at 2,859 thousand MT, India at 2,220 thousand MT, and Australia at 1,019 thousand MT.

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Exchange: Intercontinental Exchange U.S.

Exchange Symbol: CT

Tick Size: 0.01 cents per pound ($5.00 per contract)

Contract Size: 50,000 pounds (Approx. 100 bales)

Months: Mar, May, Jul, Oct, Dec (H, K, N, V, Z)

Trading Hours: 8:00 pm – 1:20 pm (Settles 1:15 pm) CST

Margin/Maintenance: $4,950/4,500

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