$61.00  0.29%  
$11.62  0.43%  
$54.00  1.22%  
$36.29  1.65%  
$94.35  0.02%  
$67.28  0.49%  
$18.96  0.37%  
$78.65  0.96%  
$65.82  0.23%  
$121.76  0.12%  
$71.48  0.04%  
$98.77  0.11%  
$99.43  0.33%  
$57.99  0.38%  
$29.10  0.24%  
$19.34  1.07%  
$23.97  0.04%  
$5.32  1.12%  
$19.56  1.24%  
$214.78  1.55%  

Mixed Trading Trends and Sector Insights


Corn and Soybeans Try to Bounce, Wheat Sees 6th Day of Selling: Cattle Mixed Grain Market Dynamics In the current trading environment, the grain markets are exhibiting mixed trends. While there have been attempts at a recovery, the overall market remains largely oversold following a five to six-day decline. The wheat market, in particular, is […]

Grain and Livestock Markets Mixed Amid Volatile Trading.

Grain Livestock

Row Crops Struggle to Maintain Gains; Cattle Also Hit Near-Term Highs. Grain and livestock futures experienced mixed trading today, marked by fluctuations in wheat, corn, and soybean prices. Watch Kent Beadle’s interview with Michelle Rook for more insights. Wheat Market Update This morning, the wheat market saw new highs, only to pull back later in […]

Livestock Futures Rise, Grain Trade Mostly Lower

grain livestock

This morning, livestock futures have moved to the plus side, while grain trade shows mostly lower activity with a few exceptions in the corn market and spring wheat. Soybean Pullback Due to Tariff Concerns Soybean futures are experiencing a pullback, primarily due to the Biden Administration’s announcement of new tariffs on China. This has sparked […]

May 2024 USDA WASDE Report Overview.


The May World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report, published by the USDA, stands out as one of the most significant reports of the year. It offers initial insights into new crop marketing year production, supplies, and usage estimates, alongside updated U.S. winter wheat production estimates and revisions to domestic balance sheets and South […]

US Consumer Credit Slows in March.

consumer credit

Has the consumer spending spree finally hit the wall? With maxed out cards & crushing rates, consumers are spending less. March, U.S. consumer credit saw a growth of $6.27 billion, falling short of the consensus forecast of $14.80 billion and showing a slowdown from February’s $15.02 billion, which was revised from $14.12 billion. Total outstanding […]

Mixed Day in Grains and Livestock Markets: Analysis and Outlook

mixed day grains

Grains slide on heavy deliveries, fast planting and some end of month squaring. Cattle markets battle H5N1 news. Kent Beadle’s breakdown of the day’s news and events with Michelle Rook. Watch his take on the recent developments impacting grains and livestock. Grain Market Pressure. On Tuesday, grain and livestock futures were mixed. Experiencing mostly lower […]

Winter Wheat Boosts Risk Premium, Bolstering Corn and Soybean Prices.

winter wheat

Livestock Aims to Sustain Momentum Michelle Rook and Kent Beadle from Paradigm Futures delve into the latest trends in grain and livestock futures. The session kicks off with a promising sight of green on the board, indicating follow-through buying in both grain and livestock futures. One key topic of discussion is the recent rally in […]

Navigating Market Volatility: Insights from the Week’s Grain and Commodity Trends

market volatiliy

A wrap-up of the rollercoaster week with Kent Beadle and Jesse Allan This week, the market volatility has left traders pondering numerous directions. Market participants focus on deciphering data from various sources, particularly the USDA report, Conab numbers, and the Rosario grains exchange. The discrepancy between the USDA’s assessment of Brazilian production and Brazil’s own […]

Fed Wants More Evidence of Falling Inflation – FOMC Minutes


FOMC Minutes Release Reflects Board Looking for Falling Inflation Prior to Rate Cuts. Today’s CPI Data Did Not Move Them Closer. At their last meeting, Federal Reserve officials expressed a need for more evidence of declining inflation before considering reducing interest rates. However, the March consumer price index (CPI) release contradicted this stance by reporting […]

Grain Trade Remains Steady to Higher Amid Mixed Livestock Futures, As Cattle Finds Support.

winter wheat

Watch Kent Beadle’s Interview with Markets Now Michelle Rook. In the morning trading session, the grain market is displaying steady to higher movements, contrasting with the mixed trends observed in livestock futures. Let’s delve into the dynamics shaping the grain trade and the factors influencing market sentiment. For the latest Grain and Livestock data visit […]