$61.00  0.29%  
$12.16  1.18%  
$54.00  1.22%  
$36.29  1.65%  
$91.59  0.79%  
$72.37  1.24%  
$14.14  5.07%  
$81.38  0.18%  
$63.87  0.15%  
$119.75  0.04%  
$71.00  0.02%  
$98.14  0.09%  
$97.47  0.11%  
$60.07  0.62%  
$28.88  0.14%  
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$19.56  1.24%  
$219.03  0.99%  

Mixed Grain Market Early as Cattle Decline Amid Weather, Technical Factors, and HPAI News

grain market

Grain Market & Commodity Futures News – Paradigm Futures

  • Grain Market exhibits a mixed trend early on, with wheat gaining weather premium.
  • Concerns arise in the corn market regarding lower feed demand due to rising cases of HPAI.
  • Soybean meal traders express worries about compromised demand amid the HPAI outbreak.
  • Soybeans trade lower after a poor technical close, falling below key moving averages.
  • Market participants monitor developments in the Red Sea, impacting commodities’ money flow

Early on, grains exhibit a mixed trend, with wheat gaining weather premium. Despite winter wheat ratings surpassing last year’s levels significantly, Kent Beadle of Paradigm Futures notes the necessity for more rain in key production areas like Kansas, expressing disappointment with the forecasted systems. Additionally, emerging global production concerns add to the market’s sentiment.

Corn attempts to mirror wheat’s strength after enduring two days of technical and fund selling pressure, coupled with profit-taking and increased farmer selling. However, concerns arise regarding lower feed demand due to the rising cases of HPAI in dairy herds and poultry flocks.

Traders in the soybean meal market express worries about compromised meal demand amid the HPAI outbreak and encounter resistance around the 50-day moving average, which suppresses the soybean market.

Beans also trade lower following a poor technical close on Tuesday, falling below both the 20-day and 50-day moving averages.

Market participants closely monitor developments in the Red Sea, with crude oil rallying and the stock market experiencing pressure, impacting the dollar and influencing money flow in commodities.

Cattle witness a return of fund selling amid ongoing uncertainty surrounding HPAI. Despite staging a recovery rally on Tuesday, funds utilize strength to exit long positions. With a confirmed case of HPAI in an Ohio dairy, the spread of the disease contributes to fund liquidation.

Conversely, hogs benefit from news of improved demand, evident in recent strength in cash and cutouts. June lean hogs hit new contract highs early on, further encouraging fund buying

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