$61.00  0.29%  
$12.17  1.07%  
$54.00  1.22%  
$36.29  1.65%  
$91.62  0.75%  
$72.84  0.61%  
$14.22  4.53%  
$81.58  0.06%  
$63.82  0.23%  
$119.69  0.01%  
$70.96  0.07%  
$98.11  0.12%  
$97.50  0.14%  
$60.06  0.64%  
$28.89  0.17%  
$19.74  0.90%  
$24.77  0.56%  
$5.33  0.47%  
$19.56  1.24%  
$219.57  1.24%  

Grains Experience Early Pressure as Corn and Soybean Contracts Face Chart Resistance

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Commodities Technical Resistance Livestock

In the early session, most commodities are witnessing lower prices, except for the cattle market. Kent Beadle of Paradigm Futures sheds light on various factors influencing the markets.

Soybeans Technical Resistance Meets Profit Taking

Starting with the soybean (SBE) market, yesterday marked a positive day, but the current dip suggests a blend of profit-taking and a surge in farmer selling. The market encountered technical resistance at the 45-day moving average, prompting a sell-off this morning. Concerns over China’s economic situation, specifically in the real estate sector, contribute to the bearish sentiment. Country Garden Holdings, a major real estate company, missed a monthly payment of $13 million, heightening apprehensions about long-term soybean demand. Despite this, soybean oil continues its rally, driven by strong demand in the renewable diesel sector.

Corn and Wheat Market Pressures

Corn, too, experiences setbacks, grappling with chart resistance and farmer selling. Beadle notes the significance of the 45-day moving average in the May contract and the 50-day moving average in corn. Both corn and soybeans have enjoyed recent rallies, leading farmers to reward the market with increased selling. Economic concerns in China, coupled with a dip in soybean meal prices, contribute to the current market dynamics.

Wheat markets are under pressure, influenced by lower Russian wheat prices, currently below $200 per metric ton. While fears of more China cancellations persist, recent cancellations have been absorbed by the market. Beadle emphasizes that the focus on European, Ukrainian, and Russian wheat business into Egypt and the Middle East can overshadow the broader global wheat picture.

Livestock: Higher Boxed Beef and Hedge Pressure for Hogs

Cattle markets extend gains, supported by higher boxed beef prices. The market, consolidating within a trading range, awaits cash development for directional cues.

On the contrary, hog markets witness profit-taking and hedge pressure. Hog margins have improved for the summer, prompting industry players to hedge profits after a challenging year. While back months show promise with prices above $100, the increase in cash prices for hogs has slowed down recently.

Commodities face a mixed landscape with various factors shaping their trajectories. Beadle provides valuable insights into the nuanced dynamics of each market, highlighting the importance of both technical factors and broader economic conditions.

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