$61.00  0.29%  
$11.62  0.43%  
$54.00  1.22%  
$36.29  1.65%  
$94.35  0.02%  
$67.28  0.49%  
$18.96  0.37%  
$78.65  0.96%  
$65.82  0.23%  
$121.76  0.12%  
$71.48  0.04%  
$98.77  0.11%  
$99.43  0.33%  
$57.99  0.38%  
$29.10  0.24%  
$19.34  1.07%  
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$5.32  1.12%  
$19.56  1.24%  
$214.78  1.55%  

May 2024 USDA WASDE Report Overview.


The May World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report, published by the USDA, stands out as one of the most significant reports of the year. It offers initial insights into new crop marketing year production, supplies, and usage estimates, alongside updated U.S. winter wheat production estimates and revisions to domestic balance sheets and South […]

Grain Prices Continue to be in a Bearish Market

Grain Markets

Kent Beadle with Paradigm Futures discusses with Market Talk’s Jesse Allen on the overall bearish grain markets. In the most recent installment of Market Talk, Paradigm Futures” Kent Beetle, delves into the existing dynamics of agricultural markets, bringing attention to a range of factors impacting trading strategies and market sentiments. As the month advances, including […]

Grain Prices Move Lower Ahead of USDA Ag Outlook

grain prices

Kent Beadle with Paradigm Futures discusses with Farm Journal host Michelle Rook on why today’s grain prices were under pressure and what producers should be watching in livestock markets. In this market update with Kent Beetle from Paradigm Futures, engages in a discussion on the current state of the grain markets. Beginning with a slight […]

📺🎥 Commodity Wide Technical Selling Has Most Markets Lower.

AgwebTV Video

Export Inspections Fade Compared to Previous Week. Commodity wide technical selling has most markets in the red.  Corn and wheat are making new lows as well as hogs.  Cattle are trading below the May chart breakout areas.  Kent Beadle, Paradigm Futures, has analysis.  Export Inspections Corn – 406,680 MT Corn export inspections have decreased by […]

USDA Grain Stocks

Grain Stocks

Corn dips beyond estimates, Wheat comes in on target. According to the USDA, as of September 1, 2023, marking the official conclusion of the 2022-23 marketing year, there were 1.36 billion bushels of corn held in storage. This figure falls within the lower range of pre-report expectations and is a result of the USDA’s revision […]

Crop Conditions

crop conditions

Corn🔹(G+E%) 61  -3% WoW Soybeans🔹(G+E%) 59 -3% WoW Spring Wheat🔹(G+E%) 60 -4% WoW Winter Wheat🔹(G+E%) 38 +2% WoW Crop conditions face concerns about continued dryness in the U.S. Midwest is underpinning corn and soybeans. Farmers and traders now want to see rain actually falling and not just forecast, despite some rain in the forecasts this […]

USDA Grain Export Sales


Corn and Wheat Post NET Negative Sales Soybeans Sputter Corn💠- 338,974 MT Soybeans💠16,950 MT Wheat 💠-42,198 MT

Crop Planting Progress


Corn and Soybeans Outpace 5-year Average Corn💠65% Planted  Soybeans💠49% Planted Spring Wheat 💠40% Planted Winter Wheat Heading💠49% Todays’ Crop Planting Progress report shows a slight improvement to Winter Wheat, while Corn and Soybeans out-pace their 5 Year average. The risk of loss in trading futures and/or options is substantial and each investor and/or trader must […]



Ending Stocks Corn💠2,222 MMT (est 2105M; prev 1342M) Soybeans💠335 MMT (est 292M; prev 210M) Wheat 💠556 MMT (est 608M; prev 598M) CORN USDA has released its initial production forecast for the 2023-24 new crop corn, projecting a record production of 15.265 billion bushels. This would surpass the previous record set in 2016. The USDA expects […]

USDA Grain Export Sales

Grain Export

Corn Rebounds, Soybeans and Wheat Drop. Corn💠257,279 MT Soybeans💠62,170 MT Wheat 💠26,263 MT The risk of loss in trading futures and/or options is substantial and each investor and/or trader must consider whether this is a suitable investment. Past performance, whether actual or indicated by simulated historical tests of strategies, is not indicative of future results.