Today’s Export Sales, Corn Sees Massive Jump.

Dry cob of ripe corn on green field at sunlight.

CORN 🔹3.09 MMT ⬆️


WHEAT 🔹126 KMT 🔻


Corn Export Sales

A marketing year high for Corn @ 3,095,900 MT a huge jump from last week. However, export commitments are 34.0% behind a year-ago compared to 38.7% behind last week. USDA projects exports in 2022-23 at 1.850 billion bu., 25.1% below the previous marketing year.


Soybean Export Sales

Soybeans, decreased sharply compared to last week, export commitments are running 8.4% behind a year-ago, versus behind 8.0% last week. USDA projects exports in 2022-23 at 2.015 billion bu., down 6.6% from the previous marketing year.


Wheat Export Sales

Wheat net sales of 125,600 metric tons (MT) for 2022/2023 were down 63 percent from the previous week and 59 percent from the prior 4-week average.  Commitments are also 5.4% behind a year-ago, compared to 5.3% behind last week.

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